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In the April/May Gas Engine Magazine, Volume 50, No. 3 on page 3, was a picture of an unknown diesel engine. It was made in China or other Eastern country and was imported by Engine Master Power Products  in West Quincy, Missouri. The picture shows a model ZH1110 20 hp engine. I sold some of these engines new in the 1990s. I don’t know what year they were made, but they were good starting engines. I see in the picture that the fuel tank is missing. I do have a good used fuel tank for it, and I also have several new 12-volt electric starters for it, some fuel filters, oil filters and a few miscellaneous parts.

It can also be started by hand cranking with compression release, and usually starts first time over compression. It has a small alternator built into the cooling fan, but didn’t have a good regulator on it. In my area most of them were used in wood working or cabinet shops without electricity to run a line shaft. You could run a table saw, jointer, planer, sander dust blower and more with one power source.

I do have the parts book and instruction manuals for these engines and it should be no problem to get it running again, as I have experience with them. I have been working or playing with engines for more than 60 years. I also have a small collection of old engines like John Deere Model E, IHC LB, IHC M, Stover CT, Fairbanks 3-4-cylinder inline, Wisconsin air-cooled and 1- and 2-cylinder Wisconsin.

Levi Miller, Gladwin, Michigan

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