Dental Compressor To Inverted Hit and Miss Sideshaft Engine

By Staff
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I got this small Pelton and Crane dental compressor at a flea market about six years ago. I had an idea that I could make an engine from it. I finished it in

3012 S. Catherine Lansing, Michigan 48911

1992 but it would not run. It had very poor compression.

I had to hone the cylinder, weld the piston and make oversize
rings. Then I belted it up to an electric motor and ran it for many
hours to wear in the rings. It now has good compression and starts
and runs nice.

It has 1 inch bore and 1 inch stroke. The eight inch flywheel is
heavy. It came off another compressor. The gears are from a small
Continental engine. The gas tank is from a brass pipe. The
carburetor is a small brass valve and a lawn mower needle valve.
The governor is made from scrap brass and steel. The muffler is the
original air cleaner with larger holes and the nickel plate
removed. The 10 mm spark plug is in the air outlet hole. I made the
valves from scrap steel and the head from a brass pipe plug. The
base is from scrap steel.

I have run this engine all summer at the 1994 shows and have had
a lot of pleasure from it.

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