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The White & Middleton

Founded by Charles White and Arthur R. Middleton, the White & Middleton Gas Engine Co. introduced a line of high-grade engines in 1889.

Available styles included horizontal and vertical stationary models up to 60 HP and 4-stroke marine engines up to 6 HP. Reorganized in 1911 as the Charles White Gas Engine Co., engine production continued until about 1915.

White & Middleton horizontal stationary engines possessed a simple, but highly finished, design embodying a pushroad actuated exhaust valve and vertical flyball hit-and-miss governor. Other features include an exhaust-ported cylinder and a separate, third valve to admit fuel. Unusual in this size engine is the long piston stroke, nearly two and a half times the cylinder bore.

This particular engine was found in a farm storage shed near Shelby, Ind. No further history is known. It was brought to Coolpspring in 1992.

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