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Left: The crosshead design.
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Top right: The unusual governor assembly on the George White. Above: The external uni-flow chamber and very unusual power activated intake valve.

The White

White engines have an unusual uni-flow design
with a power activated secondary intake valve. They utilize a
crosshead slide to guide the piston and transfer power to the
crankshaft connecting rod.

This particular engine is one of only five known to have been
built. It pumped five oil wells on the high ridge west of the
intersection of Oil Creek and the Allegheny River at Oil City, Pa.
– just about five miles from where it was built. The wells were
located at the headwaters of the Charley Run, which flows into the
Allegheny River just south of the old Joseph Reid factory. The
engine was removed from service in March 1980.

The photos show the engine as it appeared in its working
clothes. This engine looks very close to the way it looked in the
oil fields of Western Pennsylvania: well used and very well

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