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Pictured is the Turner Fricke -all 20 tons!
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John Wilcox's 15 HP electric lighting Otto. It's a beauty!
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This 4 HP Domestic pumping engine circulated water through the big engines.

Coolspring, Connecticut 15730

Once again the Coolspring Hit and Miss Engine Society played the
part of a perfect host to thousands of people at their June 24 and
25th show. The excitement of this show is difficult to match. The
amount of ‘Big Iron’ that performed this year was amazing,
as was the number of collectors that showed up with their own
little beauties to show off. Among the stars of the show were a 40
HP Foos, a 25 HP Nash, and a 20 HP Klein.

The Wurlitzer band organ sitting in the midst of this excitement
created an atmosphere of festivity – that kind that you feel at a
three ring circus! Yes, it was difficult to decide which ring to
observe first. However, there was not much competition for the
limelight when the 20 ton four cylinder Turner-Fricke performed
-with its 5?’ flywheels and enough accompanying valves and
gears clickety-clacking to verify that all four cylinders were
producing energy – this was definitely exciting!! And to catch a
ride in the steel-gray Caterpillar-Sixty was a treat; even watching
that monster perform was enjoyable. The 5 HP Abenaque turning out
20 quart of ice cream per hour stole its share of attention. And,
we all know now that there is no other ice cream once you’ve
tasted homemade-via a gas engine

One cannot recollect everything that transpired those two days;
the few events mentioned were just a few of the headliners. But to
each was his own-everyone had their own particular headliner. What
one person took pride in, many others appreciated-and there you
have what this show is all about. For, when you work many hours,
days, even years at a project you feel is worthwhile, it is very
uplifting when one or many tell you ‘we appreciate it.’

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