Armstrong kerosene drilling engine

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ON THIS MONTH’S COVER: This 1917 Armstrong kerosene drilling
engine, #W2743, was used from 1917 to 1950 for drilling water.
Owner Chris Thompson of Garnavillo, Iowa, has the original
literature on this engine. It does not have a governor, because of
the heavy loads it pulled, working at 325 r.p.m. The Armstrong Mfg.
Co. was located in Waterloo, Iowa. The engine was photographed by
GEM advertising manager Judy Whiteside during the Ageless Iron Expo
held at Ankeny, Iowa, July 3-6, 1997.

While visiting the Ageless Iron Expo in Ankeny, Iowa, in July
1997, GEM advertising manager Judy Whiteside snapped this shot of a
1917 Armstrong kerosene drilling engine displayed by Chris
Thompson, Garnavillo, Iowa. Look inside for details.

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