Arizona Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association

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Loyd Oines' 60 HP Western
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Henry and Dawn Miller's 15 HP Fairbanks
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Glen Fredrickson on his Allis Chalmers.

P.O. Box 11673 Phoenix, Arizona 85051

The Arizona Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association held
its first annual Superstition Mountain Show at Apache Junction,
March 13 & 14, 1993. It was a great success with approximately
250 engines displayed and 78 tractors. These were engines displayed
from five states and thanks to everyone who brought their displays
to the show.

There was a 60 HP Western owned by Loyd Jones from Idaho. He and
his wife spend their winters here in Arizona. Also, there were
scale model engines owned by Herb and Elaine Glosnepp of Sun City.
Henry and Dawn Miller brought a 15 HP Fairbanks. Gary Grim and
family have a large display of old jacks. Another member from
Tucson brought his Oil Pull, just to mention a few of the

We had a tractor pull in the morning, then a break so the
engines could be viewed and everyone could get some lunch, then a
pull in the afternoon.

Once again thanks to our ladies who did a super job selling all
kinds of goodies they bake along with coffee, pop, snow cones and
popcorn. They were located under a big tent along with our
caterers, Charlie Cuda family and crew. There were bales of straw
for people to sit while eating or just relaxing.

The front gate sold show buttons as entry tickets, T-shirts,
caps, coffee mugs and raffle tickets for a 1 HP Sattley engine with
the drawing on Sunday afternoon. Thanks to everyone who helped with

We feel this was a very successful first show. Thanks to
everyone who brought engines, tractors, and displays, and to
everyone who came to our show, after all, you make our shows a
success. Special thanks to Glen Frederickson, Kent Reed and George
O’Day, they really spent a lot of time and effort on this

Looking forward to seeing you here in Arizona next year!

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