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Antique Gas Engine Directory

Every issue of Gas Engine Magazine includes featured antique gas engines listed by manufacturer name, from A to Z. This page is a collection of those postings of engines from across the country. Click on a letter to see manufacturers listed alphabetically, then on the name of an engine to see its details.

If you’d like to see your engine in A-Z, please send a photo and complete engine info to Gas Engine Magazine, 1503 S.W. 42nd St., Topeka, KS 66609 or submit your engine by email. We are currently accepting submission for engine names starting with letters B-M. Last updated February 2013

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Advance Mfg. Co., Hamilton, Ohio 

Circa-1900 8 HP Hamilton Engine

Aermotor Co., Chicago, Illinois

Aeromotor Pumping Engine

Alamo Mfg. Co., Hillsdale, Michigan

Circa 1917 1 HP Alamo Blue Line Gas Engine 

1925 5 HP Alamo Gas Engine 

1915 2 HP Alamo Gas Engine 

1922 2-1/2 HP Lindsay Alamo 

American Steel Products Company, Macomb, Illinois  

1919 3/4 Globe Gas Engine 

Associated Manufacturers Co., Waterloo, Iowa 

2-1/4 HP Hired Man Hit-and-Miss  

2-1/2 HP Associated Hired Man Gas Engine 

Circa 1910 1-3/4 HP Associated Gas Engine 


Baker Mfg., Evansville, Wisconsin

1924 1-1/4 HP Baker

Bamfords Ltd., Uttoxeter, England

Bamford 4-1/2 hp engine

Bates & Edmonds Motor Co., Lansing, Michigan 

2-1/2 HP Bates & Edmonds Gas Engine

2-1/2 hp Bates & Edmonds engine

1-1/2 HP Bates & Edmonds Bulldog

1920s Bates & Edmonds 2-1/2 HP

Bloomer Machine Works, Bloomer, Wisconsin

1909 Bloomer Machine Works 6 HP Keller Engine

Borden & Selleck Co., Chicago, Illinois

4 HP Borden & Selleck

Brandon Machine Works Co. Ltd., Brandon, Manitoba, Canada 

8 HP Brandon Gas Engine 


C. Benninghofen & Sons, Hamilton, Ohio 

Circa 1916 C. Benninghofen & Sons Engine

Caterpillar Tractor Company, Peoria, Illinois

Caterpillar Tractor

Charles A. Julien LTEE, Pont-Rouge, Quebec, Canada 

6 HP Dorchester Engine 

Coldwell, Newburg, New York

1912 1-1/2 HP Fuller & Johnson Operated Lawnmower 

Collis Co., Clinton, Iowa  

Circa-1920 3 HP Collis Gas Engine 

Columbus Machine Co., Columbus, Ohio  

Circa-1904 10 HP Columbus 

Cushman Motor Works, Lincoln, Nebraska 

Late 1920s 3 HP Cushman Engine  


Deere & Co., Moline, Illinois

John Deere Model E 

John Deere, Waterloo, Iowa 

1937 John Deere Type EP 

1938 1-1/2 HP John Deere Engine

Dempster Mill Mfg. Co., Beatrice, Nebraska  

1909 2-1/2 HP Dempster

Detroit Engine Works, Detroit, Michigan

1908 4 HP Detroit Engine Works

Domestic Engine & Pump Co., Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

1914 2 HP Domestic Engine

1927 1-1/2 HP Domestic Engine


Economy Gasoline Engine Co., Sparta, Michigan

1912 2 HP Economy

Elgin Wheel & Engine Co., Elgin, Illinois

1913 1/2 HP Elgin Baby 

Emerson-Brantingham Co., Rockford, Illinois

1-1/2 HP Emerson-Brantingham Engine 

Empire Cream Separator Co., Bloomfield, New Jersey

1918 2-1/2 HP Empire 

Erie Gas Engine Co., Erie, Pennsylvania

Circa 1898 40 HP Climax 

Evans Manufacturing Company, Butler, Pennsylvania

10 HP Evans Engine 


Fairbanks, Morse & Co., Beloit, Wisconsin

1905 5 HP Fairbanks-Morse Hit-and-Miss

1917 3 HP Fairbanks-Morse Gas Engine 

1919 1-1/2 HP Fairbanks-Morse Z Model Gas Engine 

1907 2 HP Fairbanks-Morse Gas Engine 

Falk Company, Milwaukee, WI 

1912 Falk Model D Engine 

Friend Mfg. Co., Gasport, NY 

1907 Friend Engine 


George D. Pohl Mfg. Co., Vernon, NY  

1914 10 HP Advance Gas Engine 

Geiser Mfg. Co. Waynesboro, Penn.  

1910 6 HP Geiser 

Gilson Mfg. Co., Port Washington, Wis.  

Gilson Type U Spark Jump  

Globe Foundry and Machine Co., Sheboygan, Wis.  

Pre-1910 1-1/2 HP Globe 

Graham Paige Motors Corp., Detroit, Mich.

1947 Rototiller

Gravely Tractors Inc., Dunbar, WV 

1974 Gravely Engine 

Gray Motor Co., Detroit, Mich.  

1905 5 HP Gray  


Hercules Gas Engine Co., Evansville, Ind.   

1914 2-1/2 HP Economy Engine 

1-1/2 HP Economy Engine 


Ideal Lawn Mower Co., Lansing, Mich.  

Circa-1920 Ideal Lawn Mower Co. Engine 

International Harvester Co., Chicago, Ill.  

International Harvester Co. Tom Thumb Famous  


Johnson Motor Co., Waukegan, Ill.  

1929 Utilimotor  

John D. Swan Co., Lima, Ohio  

1901 25 HP Swan  

for John Deere, see D 


Kohler Co., Kohler, Wis. 

1948 Kohler Engine

Kissel Motor Car Co., Hartford, Wis.

Water Witch – Kissel Motor Car Co.


Lauson-Lawton Co., DePere, Wis.  

3 HP Wisconsin Engine 

Lennox Machine Co., Marshalltown, Iowa  

1900 4 HP Lennox 


Marion Machine, Foundry and Supply Co., Marion, Ind.  

1914 25 HP Marion Machine Engine 

Matthews Engineering Co., Sandusky, Ohio 

Matthews Engineering Co. Circa 1920 

Maytag Co., Newton, Iowa

1935 3/4 HP Maytag Company Engine

McDuff, W.J. McDuff, Lakeport, NH

1915 McDuff EP-stationary/portable 2-cycle

1918 McDuff E-marine 2-cycle


Nelson Bros. Engine Co., Alma, Mich. 

Dazzle Patch from Nelson Bros. 

New Idea Co., Coldwater, Ohio

New Idea No. 2 Engine

Novo Engine Co., Lansing, Mich.

1925 Novo Engine


Ohio Motor Co., Sandusky, Ohio  

Ohio Motor Co. Joy 

Olds Gasoline Engine Works, Lansing, Michigan

1910 Olds Gasoline Engine

Ontario Wind Engine & Pump Co., Toronto, Canada  

1-3/4 HP Chapman Gas Engine 

Ottawa Manufacturing Company, Ottawa, Kansas

1916 Ottawa Manufacturing Engine

Otto Gas Engine Works, Philadelphia, Pa.  

1906 2 HP Otto Gas Engine 

1908 15 HP Otto 




Racine-Sattley Co., Springfield, Ill.

5 HP Sattley Engine

Reeves Pulley Co., Columbus, Ind.   

1912 2 HP Reeves Engine 

1913 1 HP Reeves Engine   

Rider-Ericsson Engine Co, New York, New York

Rider-Ericsson 4-inch Bore

Rock Island Plow Co., Rock Island, Ill.  

1914 2 HP Rock Island Engine 

Rockford Engine Works, Rockford, Ill.   

1905 6 HP Rockford Engine 


Sandwich Mfg. Co., Sandwich, Ill.

Sandwich “Light 6” Engine

Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago, IL 

Economy 500.30144 

Sheffield Gas Power Co., Kansas City, Mo.  

7 HP Sheffield (year unknown) 

Stewart Engine Co. (Chicago Flexible Shaft Co.), Chicago, Ill.  

1927 2 HP Stewart Engine 

1925 2 HP Stewart Engine 

Stoddard Mfg. Co., Rutland, Vermont

Stoddard 1-1/2 HP Engine

Stover Mfg. & Engine Co., Freeport, Ill.  

6 HP Stover Engine (year unknown, but between 1905-1910) 

1922 Stover Model K Engine

Superior Gas Engine Co., Springfield, Ohio  

1934 Superior Gas Engine 


Taylor Engine Co., Elgin, Ill.    

1929 2 HP Taylor Engine 

Termaat & Monahan Co., Oshkosh, Wis.  

1915 6 HP Termaat & Monahan 


United Engine Co., Lansing, Mich.  

United Engine (year unknown, but at least 1908) 


Van Duzen, Roys Co., Columbus, Ohio  

Circa 1914 Van Duzen 

Venn-Severin Machine Co., Chicago, Illinois

Venn-Severin Type E Engine


Waterloo Gasoline Engine Co., Waterloo, Iowa  

Circa 1916 Waterloo Boy (AS 12) 

1-1/2 HP Sandow 

1917 3 HP Majestic Engine

Waterloo Gasoline Engine

West Coast Engine Co., San Diego, CA   

1906 4 HP West Coast  

White Lily Washer Co., Davenport, Iowa

1909 White Lily 3 HP Engine

Witte Engine Works, Kansas City, Mo.  

1940 12 HP Witte Engine  

1923 1-1/2 HP Witte Engine  

1923 2 HP Witte 

Worthington Pump & Machinery Corp., Cudahy, Wis.  

1921 1-1/2 HP Worthington Engine  

1921 1-1/2 HP Worthington 



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