Another Edwards Engine

By Staff
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Last month, we had a story about an Edwards two cylinder engine,
and here’s another. This time the owners are Wilbur and Scott
Barnett (father and son) of 2140 Waynesville Road, Bellbrook, OH
45305. The old Edwards ad was sent to us courtesy of Carl Shafer,
Star Rt. 2, Box 17, Walton, WV 25286.

The engine is a 2 cylinder Edwards made in Springfield, Ohio,
serial #6710. It has spark plug ignition with a Bosch magneto,
throttle governor and will run on left or right cylinder or both.
The flywheel is in the middle of the engine with rods on each side.
A copper tube transfers oil from the wrist pins to the rod

Starting of the engine is first to spray gas into primer holes.
A leather strap with a rivet at one end and a handle to pull with
at the other end is used to start the engine. Place rivet in hole
on pulley and wrap counterclockwise about 3 times, and give a
strong pull. From the pulley side, the engine runs

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