Andy Kruse’s gas Engine

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Several views of Andy Kruse’s unusual Benninghofen gas

Is an unusual engine owned by N. A. (Andy) Kruse, of P.O. Box
14, Park Ridge, Illinois 60068, who relates:

‘A little of the history of this engine is that I bought it
at an auction in Kingston, Ontario. It was in poor condition on the
inside, and I rebuilt it so that it is now running in good shape.
So far, I have not heard anybody say that they know of another one.
The engine was built about 1916 in Hamilton, Ohio, is 2 HP, serial
#380, speed 425 to 600, throttling gasoline engine.

‘The reason for showing the head or top of the engine is
that this is a very unusual way of building an engine with the
spark plug set in a casting with the water around it.’

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