| September/October 1974

  • Miami
    Courtesy of Allan Hein, Evergreen Isle Court, Box 16, Menomonee, Wisconsin, 54751
    Allan Hein

  • Miami

Evergreen Isle Court Box 16, Menomonie, Wisconsin 54751

I have been reading GEM articles for six years, so I decided it was about time that I write one of my own.

It all started about four years ago when my father-in-law, Eldon Hungerford, gave me a 1-1/2 H.P. Stover. Since that time my interest has grown to include nineteen engines, some of which are Economy, Delaval, Fairbanks-Morse, McCormick-Deering Wolverine, Novo, John Deere, and Hercules.

There is one engine that was added to my collection which is owned by Eldon and I. We bought this engine near Menomonee, Wise, in 1969. It is called the Miami and was built by the Middletown Machine Company at Middletown, Ohio. It is very similar to the Woodpecker engine shown on page 13 of the Nov-Dec 1968 issue. Because of this picture, we have been calling it a Woodpecker. On each side of the water hopper are the letters MIAMI, but we thought that this was just a trademark for Middletown Machine Company.

Pictured is a Miami built by the Middletown Machine Company of Middletown, Ohio

Then as I was paging through Reuben Michelson's reference pamphlet a few weeks ago, I just happened to look under Miami. I found that a Miami engine was built by Middletown Machine Co., so we have come to the conclusion that this must be a Miami engine. I looked up Middletown on an Ohio map, and found that the Miami River runs through Middletown, so the engine was named after the river.