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Calvin Brookover's 3 HP Michigan engine, c. 1908.
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Colin Caborn's students restored the engine shown here with spark-plug casting. Finished result graces the back cover.
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The photo of the Michigan engine was sent to us by Calvin
Brookover of 10907 Cleveland, Kansas City, MO 64137, who recently
wrote us the following letter:

In the May/June 1980 GEM there was an article asking for help in
restoring a 3? HP Michigan engine manufactured by the National
Engineering Company of Saginaw, Michigan. This information was
requested by Colin Caborn, head of the creative design faculty at
John Howard Upper School, Biddenham Turn, Bedford MK404AZ

This was a school project. The engine was missing several parts,
such as the ignitor, carburetor, piston and connecting rod and
several small parts. Attempts to find an engine like this in
England failed. Colin as a last resort appealed to subscribers of
GEM with a history of the National Engineering Co. and pictures of
the engine.

I read the article and having a 3? HP Michigan I corresponded
with him and took pictures of my engine and parts. I made them an
ignitor and they made some parts and found the others. They
machined the piston from a solid piece of aluminum. I am following
this up as an example of the help GEM gives its subscribers.

I am sending a picture of Colin Caborn’s engine before and
one after restoring it. I am also sending a picture of my engine. I
think these students did such a good job on the engine that it
deserves to be featured on the cover of GEM.


Above is an ‘after’ picture of an early (1903-08) type
Michigan engine manufactured by the National Engineering Co. of
Saginaw, Michigan, and restored by students of the John Howard
Upper School in Bedford, England. Read the story of the
engine’s restoration by Colin Caborn’s students, and a
history of the manufacturer.

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