A Beautiful Abenaque Engine

By Staff
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Cricket Hill Farm, PO Box 1032, Dublin, New Hampshire

Some years ago, Ozzie Sweet took this photograph to be used in a
calendar. Since the calendar company decided not to use it, Ozzie
has given me permission to use it-specifically to GEM.

The 5 HP Abenaque engine was built about 1909 by the Abenaque
Machine Works of Westminster Station, Vermont. The trucks and saw
rig were also made by this company.

The sideshaft drives the governor, the fuel pump, and the cam
which operates the valves. A revolving ‘star’ wheel
contacts a steel wire providing make-and-break ignition. Fuel
mixing is accomplished by air passing over a flat dish of gasoline.
Cooling is by thermo-siphon action utilizing the characteristic
Abenaque water tanks.

I restored this engine in the early 1980s and it is now owned by
Robert and Stephen Upham of Whately, Massachusetts. (See another of
Stephen Upham’s engines on this month’s cover.)

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