My Early Days in Arkansas and Illinois

By Staff
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My grandfather stands by the irrigation pump that the Bessemer operates.
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My grandfather, my father and uncle standing by a 100 HP Bessemer.
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This is a house sold by Sears. Grandfather bought and assembled it in 1916 it even had a bathroom.

23941 Strange Creek Drive Diamond Bar, California 91765

On this page are some pictures from my early days in Arkansas
and Illinois. I was born in 1926, so I have relied on what my
family told me and the photos they left.

Approaching 1930, my parents went broke like many others. They
had a sale of everything they couldn’t get on the 1 /2 ton
model T truck. My mother saved two of the sale bills and wrote down
what price items brought, for example: cream separator $6.00; steam
engine $10.00; water wagon $7.00; Fordson tractor $62.00; Wallis
tractor $33.00; and kitchen range $2.25.

They gathered all the kids (seven) and my dog. My mother was
pregnant with my youngest sister. I was the only boy, so we had our
ups and downs. It took us five days to make the trip to Dallas
City, Illinois. My mother waited until we got to Dallas City before
my sister was born, healthy. My dog ran off on the way.

The old truck sat in a barn or two until 1941, when my father
sold it to a friend.

I am sure my parents had a gas engine, as I have seen a picture
of an open gear pump and jack off the back porch. One of my sisters
has an ugly upper arm from when she got caught in the gears.

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