Found: 5 HP 1914 Hercules E

By Staff
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I recently learned of some engines for sale that had been
sitting unused for some years, and seeing them I knew some of them
would look great in my engine shed. Among the group I purchased was
this 5 HP Hercules. Many people wouldn’t look twice at another
plain old Hercules, but close inspection reveals some nice

This particular Hercules Economy is equipped with the optional
Elkhart low-tension, gear-driven magneto. It is the first one so
equipped I have seen outside of a printed picture in a book.
Looking at the identification tag reveals another surprise. Showing
a serial number of 51712, this engine was probably produced in the
first year of Hercules production in Evansville, Ind.

This early example of a Hercules Economy Model E is in nice,
original condition with some of its original (although quite faded)
red paint left. No repairs to any of the castings can be found.
After some routine maintenance the exterior will be cleaned and
left as it currently appears.

Contact engine enthusiast Bob Naske at: 2059 State Hwy. 29,
Johnstown, NY 12095.

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