The Repair Job

By Staff

303 Fisher Road, Fitchburg, Massachusetts 01420

What, no gasket? Oh, my dear,
Can’t get it fixed for another year!
The belt’s too long, cut it shorter;
The radiator won’t even hold water.
Where’s that bolt I took out last week?
It’s like playing a game of hide and seek.
The piston’s stuck, we’re out of luck;
This engine’s going to be nip and tuck.
The carb needs fixing, we need a coil
And it looks like that line is dripping oil.

How many engines are they working on, for goodness sake?
By the looks of the workbench there’s a whole lot at
Does this sound familiar to some of you?
I’m sure you hear it as much as I do.
But despite all their ranting and raving
The engines are fine and all behaving
As if they were fine right along
And all the time there was nothing wrong.
So give them a hand, encouragement, too;
These are the best repair jobs they ever will do.

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