WELDPERFECT: The Easy Guide to Perfect Welding

By Staff

Senior Associate American Welding Society 550 N. W. LeJeune Road
Miami, Florida 33126

The American Welding Society has just released the latest
edition of Weldperfect: The Easy Guide to Perfect
by Darrel McGuire. Weldperfect was written to
help give people practical knowledge of welding and simplify some
of the technical language used by the profession. Color
illustrations and charts are used to explain the variety of welding
applications, and the book includes a chapter on the importance of
welding safely. Other chapters include information on shielded
metal arc welding, flux cored arc welding, gas metal arc welding,
submerged arc welding, filler metals, and metallurgy, as well as
useful appendices on common welding symbols and definitions of
welding-related terminology.

Weldperfect author Darrel McGuire has had a long and
distinguished career in the materials joining industry. McGuire
began his welding career as the son of a contractor, working on
construction sites as a teenager. Today, he is a Senior Welding
Engineer for a Fortune 500 company in Wisconsin. McGuire wrote
Weldperfect, with the idea to ‘keep it simple.’ In
the book he shares his belief that ‘welding is a great place
for any young adult to start a career.’ Regardless of education
or background, everyone can learn something new and interesting
from Weldperfect.

Copies of Weldperfect can be ordered by calling AWS
customer service at (800) 334-9353, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to
5:00 p.m. ET, or through the Society’s website at www.aws.org.
The list price is $18.00, $12.00 for AWS members. Discounts for
bulk orders are also available.

Celebrating 80 years of service, the American Welding Society is
the largest organization in the world dedicated to advancing the
science, technology, and application of welding. AWS, headquartered
in Miami, Florida, serves over 48,000 national and international
members. The 1999 AWS Annual Convention and International Welding
and Fabricating Exposition will be held April 12-15 in St. Louis,
Missouri. Additional information on AWS programs and publications
can be found on the AWS website at www.aws.org.

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