Farmers Have Opportunity to Win New Equipment

By Staff

Do you still own the same Taylor-Way tiller you purchased from
the local farm equipment dealer in 1960? How about the Pittsburgh
mower you bought just 15 years ago?

Chances are, if you’re still using any Taylor-Way/Pittsburgh
implement that is over ten years old, you could be the winner of
the search for the oldest functioning Taylor-Way/Pittsburgh
implement in this country. And that means you could win a
Taylor/Pittsburgh Series 27 Rotary Mower valued at $1,400. ‘In
honor of our 50th Anniversary, we’re beginning a search for our
oldest product still in use today,’ says Al

Preslicka, general manager. ‘But, we’re not just
searching for one winner. Of course, not everyone who enters will
win the grand prize, but each and every person who responds to this
search by February 28,1997 will receive a prize as our way of
saying thanks.’

To enter the 50th Anniversary Search, send a photo of you and
your Taylor-Way/Pittsburgh product, along with a short summary of
when and where the product was purchased, what acreage the
implement services and any additional comments about the quality or
dependability of the product to: Taylor/Pittsburgh Search, 7 Rocky
Mount Road, Athens, Tennessee 37371-0769; or visit your local
Taylor/Pittsburgh dealer for complete details and an entry

Taylor implement was established in 1946, and named after one of
its founders, J. H. Taylor, who was also the first president and
design engineer. Some of the first implements manufactured at the
Athens plant were a wheel type subsoiler, bush and bog harrow, disc
harrow, disc tiller and disc plow. In 1978, the company joined
forces with Pittsburgh Forgings Company, and began operating under
the name of Taylor/Pittsburgh. Currently, Taylor/Pittsburgh
supports 100 employees in the small town of Athens, Tennessee, and
is owned by TIC United in Dallas, Texas.

Throughout the last 50 years, Taylor/Pittsburgh has furnished
equipment for such major brands as Ford and Massey-Ferguson. The
company also manufactures and markets Taylor-Way and Pittsburgh
products that sell direct to farm equipment dealers throughout the

For more information on the 50th Anniversary Search, visit your
local dealer or call Taylor/Pittsburgh at 1-423-745-3110.

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