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Boyd Beach of Loves Park, Ill., is proud of his fine running 2 HP Stover Type Y. This engine was shipped to Dorman Co., Freeport, Ill., on Nov. 1, 1919.  Dorman was the hometown distributor of Stover.
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Don Cleary of Mendota, Ill., shows his Stover KE with the rare, optional crankcover. This engine was shipped to the Jaeger Machine Works, Columbus, Ohio on June 21, 1939.  Stover sold many engines to Jaeger and most were used on cement mixers. We’ve seen both Type KE and KA Stovers with removable crankguards.
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John Rowsam showing his 1906 2 HP Stover. This engine was shipped to Cramer Brothers, Spring Green, Wis., on Jan. 15, 1906.

Summer is here and the show season is in full force.

Stover Mfg. and Engine Co. built more than 277,000 engines and we continue to find Stover gas engines and equipment on display all over the place. Sometimes we even find an engine on its original mount or sitting out under a tree. Anyway, it’s the people that make antique gas engine collecting fun and with that in mind, we’ve enclosed some photos of more Stover friends.

The Stover Registry
There are more than 850 engines in the Stover registry. Stover sent engines all over the world and, as I go through the records, we even find countries that don’t exist anymore like Siam.

Christian and I will have a special treat in the next issue. Until then, keep your plugs dry and your igniters oiled.

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