Stover Expert Joe Maurer

By Staff

Regular readers of Gas Engine Magazine may notice something missing from the Table of Contents this issue: Stover Stuff.

Since 2008, Joe Maurer has contributed consistently great content to the magazine. His stories are always informative, and Joe happily shares his extensive knowledge of Stover. His location near Freeport, Ill., grants him access to many great Stover resources, including the Stover shipping records that he gladly makes more accessible to the rest of the community.

His stories do something else, though. Joe knows the importance of the human element in the old iron hobby. We’re all tied together by our passion for the equipment, but what fun would the hobby be without other like-minded people to share that passion with? His stories tie the history with the people involved today, and his articles always make for entertaining reading.

Over the last five years, Joe has taken readers through the ins and outs of the Stover Mfg. & Engine Co., from the man behind the company and the company’s history and founding to specific models, equipment and the people who collect these pieces of the past. (Read more about Stover Stuff.)

For an editor, Joe is a joy to work with. Not only is his writing informative and enjoyable, but he is always quick to answer questions, provide clarification, share priceless pieces from his personal collection, and express more than just a passing friendliness toward our staff and Gas Engine Magazine as a whole.

Joe’s a busy guy though, so he decided to step down from his spot as a columnist at Gas Engine Magazine. He’ll still be active in the community, providing information from the Stover shipping records and remaining a Gas Engine Magazine Expert.

We’ll never be able to replace Joe or fully express how much we appreciate all he did for us. But we’re left wondering if there is someone in the community willing to step up and share their knowledge with the rest of us. Someone with an expertise or dedication to a specific make, knowledge of various governing or ignitions systems, or anything they’d be willing to write about on a regular basis. We’re open to any and all ideas, so please don’t hesitate to contact me by mail, by phone or by email if you think you fit the bill.

And as always, don’t forget your camera when you’re out at shows this summer, or when you’re tinkering with a new find in your garage. Reader stories have always been the backbone of Gas Engine Magazine, and that won’t ever change.

We’re pretty proud of how things are going here, and we’d love to know what you think. Suggestions, comments, complaints, whatever is on your mind. We wanna hear it.

Beth Beavers
Associate Editor

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