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Courtesy of Edwin Martilla, Frederick, South Dakota 57441.
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Courtesy of E. F. Schmidt, 180 Kibler Street, Bluffton, Ohio 45817.

180 Kibler Street, Bluffton, Ohio 45817.

Nearly 100 steam, gas and engine enthusiasts of the threshing
era of a century ago recently gathered at Ingall’s Alcove Room,
Bluffton, Ohio for the first annual Christmas party of the
Northwestern Ohio Antique Machinery Association.

Bob Flick, president, was in charge of the activity which
got underway with a smorgasbord buffet. Guests represented three
other area antique machinery associations: National Threshers
Association at Wauseon, Darke County Steam Threshers at Greenville,
and Tri-State Gasoline Engine and Tractor Association at Portland,

Tom Meek of Defiance displayed an album of color pictures, of
all four meets, to the group.

Richard Schaeffer, of Marathon Oil Company, screened a slide
presentation and discussed environmental pollution and the efforts
of industry to reduce air pollution.

The Bell Choir of the Mennonite Church, Bluffton, directed by
Mrs. Bruce Shelly, presented a variety of musical numbers.

Ralph Horstman, Delphos discussed a recent purchase of an
antique Case stationary baler for the Bluffton Club. The newly
acquired machinery will be in operation at the Bluffton show on the
Village Farm next August 3-4-5, 1973.

A scale model of an old time steam thresher engine made entirely
of wood and operated with a small motor attracted a great deal of
attention at the gathering. The engine, owned and built by John
Deters of Leipsic, Ohio was quite an attraction and will also be on
exhibition next summer with a large engine also made entirely of

A financial report to the group showed that Bluffton’s first
meet last summer was very successful, financially, making a profit
of $1528.27 with expenses of $2998.40.

The president, Bob Flick, is confident that next summer’s
meet will expand considerably and is fast becoming one of the major
events in the Ohio, Michigan, Indiana Area.

Fairbank-Morse 5 HP hit and miss engine. It has make and break
ignition fired by a Sumter magneto, bore 5?’, Stroke 10′,
with bronze main and connecting bearings. The wrist pin bearing is
also bronze and is adjustable for wear.

In picture left to right: Donald Anderson, Trustee; Roger
Mullenhour, Trustee; Howard Crozier, Trustee; Robert Flick,
President; Gene Schmidt, Vice President; Berdell Huber, Secretary;
Donald Moyer, Treasurer and Ralph Horstman, Trustee.

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