2005 Farm Collector Show Directory

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It’s late August as I write, but we’re already gearing up for the 2005 Farm Collector Show Directory. By now, clubs and organizations listed in last year’s edition should have received packets with information on advertising their events in next year’s directory and supplying them with forms to update their show listings. The 2004 directory listed just over 1,400 shows, and early indications suggest we’ll see that number grow just a bit more for the 2005 edition.

There are a few noteworthy changes in the next edition to mention. For the first time, show listings can now be updated online at www.FarmCollectorShowDirectory.com. If you’ve listed with us before, just log on to the website and click on ‘Update 2005 Show Directory Listings.’ From there it’s a simple process of entering the customer number found on the upper left-hand corner of the mailing label on your packet, followed by entering any new information about your show or shows. And if you’ve never listed with us before, simply leave the customer number field blank; we’ll supply you a number once we’ve received your listing.

Using this option is fast and paperless, and it alleviates any worries of your listing getting lost in the mail. More importantly, it ensures your show update gets in early so we have your information in place for the 2005 Farm Collector Show Directory.

Also, starting this year shows have the option of placing a listing on the Farm Collector Online Show Directory. For a nominal fee, shows will be posted on our calendar. Access to the calendar is free to registered users, who will receive automatic notification of your show as the event draws near. Further, registered users can request an automatic reminder of your show date. It’s a great way to get the word out about your show and to get it marked on the calendars of interested attendees around the country. Want to learn more? Just go to www.FarmCollectorShowDirectory.com, or call Andrew Perkins at (800) 682-4704.

Speaking of shows, I just returned from the 39th Anniversary Reunion of the Tri-State Gas Engine & Tractor Assoc. in Portland, Ind., better known simply as the Portland show. Wisconsin-made engines were featured, and as always it was an amazing event, with close to 2,000 engines (including about 300 feature engines) and about 700 tractors on hand. We’ll feature some of the more amazing engines exhibited at Portland in future issues, but for now, sit back, turn the page and enjoy this month’s great features and regular departments.

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