Spoon River Antique Agricultural Association

By Staff
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R#l, Box 40 North Henderson, Illinois 61466.

Each year on the first two weekends in October, as one stop of
the Knox County Scenic Drive, the Spoon River Antique Agricultural
Association holds its annual show in Knoxville, Illinois. Antique
tractors and machinery, steam and gas engines are on display.
Throughout the day, demonstrations of a threshing machine and a
sawmill are powered by steam engines and tractors. The gas engines
are hard at work grinding corn meal and wheat flour and other
demonstrations. A two-man crosscut saw is used for one of the
contests to see who can saw the log the quickest. Other games
include the slow race, the water pitcher race, and the coverall
race. Men, women and children all get involved in these games and

Inside the big tent the women are busy at the old-fashioned
cookstove. They bake pies, rolls, cookies and bread, all available
for sampling with fresh-churned butter.

Club members look forward to showing off their antiques and hope
to see you there this fall during the first two weekends in

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