South Australian Rally Shows an O. A. Bagshaw

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J. S. BAGSHAW & SONS Ltd. Depot: - Dlmboola, Victoria.
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Wheat Graders. Graders and Cleaners for currants, raisins, and other dried fruits.
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Bunnett Road  Wistow 5251, via Mount Barker South

I am enclosing a photograph of an engine taken at a South
Australian rally. The subject matter is an O.A. Bagshaw, 4 HP,
which is a facsimile of the American built Olin. The latter had
been imported by Henry Berry of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, c.
1902, there being one fine example in running order. The O. A.
Series was first introduced sometime around 1904, and continued for
at least twenty years or thereabouts. The firm of J. Bagshaw was
established in 1838 in Adelaide, South Australia; the same firm
copied the Z Series Fairbanks Morse, which is another story!
Bagshaws merged with J. H. Horwood in 1924, becoming

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