Northwest Antique Power Association Show

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Al Martinson and his 1916 1-1/2 HP Fuller & Johnson farm pump engine.
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Steve Skyberg and Nick Poncelot's 1906 15 HP Model N Fairbanks-Morse.

After holding our show at four different show grounds, we have
finally found a permanent home. A lot of work was put into finding
this ground, but it was well worth the effort. We now have lots of
elbow room so we can space exhibits further apart.

Our hot, dry summer days finally gave way to a cool September
weekend, which was just right for our show dates last year. We
don’t feature any particular engine or tractor, but from the
looks of what was shown we had them all.

We took a count, and we had 120 flywheel engines and 60
tractors. Other exhibits consisted of two steam tractors, two
working sawmills, one rope maker, one braid maker and one threshing
machine. There was an assortment of 26 other pieces of

Our next show will be held Sept. 7-8, 2002, and we invite
everyone to attend.

Contact engine enthusiast John M. Edgerton at: 27 Loon Lake
Rd., Bigfork, MT 59911, (406) 837-4795.

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