Mystic Seaport’s 3rd Annual Antique Marine Engine Exposition

By Staff

Mystic Seaport’s 3rd annual Antique Marine Exposition will
take place on August 20-21. Collectors from across the U.S. and
Canada will gather to demonstrate and display their pre-World War
II steam, gas, diesel and inboard engines, as well as outboard
motors. A boat parade will be held on each afternoon and exhibitors
will be able to use Mystic Seaport watercraft to show their engines
at work on the Mystic River. The featured engine of this year’s
exposition is the Hartford outboard motor, built by the Gray &
Prior Machine Company in 1928. The Hartford is believed to be the
only outboard manufactured in the state of Connecticut.

Throughout the weekend, exhibitors will be able to ride on board
several Mystic Seaport vessels. Exhibitors and visitors alike will
be able to check on the restoration of a 40,000 pound 14-foot tall
steam engine that was donated to the Museum last summer. Since
then, a group of faithful volunteers has met once a month to work
on the 67 year old 850 horsepower engine.

Antique marine engine collectors are invited to apply for
exhibition by calling (203) 572-0711, ext. 5056 or by writing
Mystic Seaport, 75 Greenmanville Avenue, P. O. Box 6000, Mystic, CT
06355. Call (203) 572-5315 for more information.

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