Maytags Featured at Western Illinois Threshers

By Staff
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A nice 5 HP Stickney engine.
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Part of William Thiel's nice trailer of various engines and Maytag items.

1871 Laurel Street Hamilton, Illinois 62341

The 32nd annual Western Illinois Threshers Bee was held August
6, 7, and 8, 1999, in Hamilton, Illinois, featuring Maytag engines
and memorabilia. Sixty engine exhibitors attended the three-day
show bringing 245 engines, including 173 Maytags. There was a wide
assortment of engines and lots of memorabilia to be seen. A few of
the more notable displays were brought by William Thiel of
Carrollton, Illinois, who brought a nice trailer-load consisting of
a Maytag racer, a collection of Elgin engines, a fruit jar engine
on a model 72 washer, a sausage stuffer and butter churn, along
with an assortment of other engines and tools.

Todd Wallbaum of Ashland, Illinois, brought his interesting
trailer showing the various changes in each model of Maytag engines
including a twin air compressor, twin windpower generator, and twin
light plant.

Gene Trumho of Carlisle, Iowa, brought a large display of
memorabilia along with a Maytag racer by a Briggs and Stratton
engine, and 92/w battery charger.

Claudine Rawdin, President of the Maytag Collectors Club, and
her grandson Aaron Woods of Champaign, Illinois, brought along
their nice Maytag racer and an interesting experimental
all-aluminum twin cylinder Maytag.

Rob Coyle presenting Jonnie Adkins of Montrose, Iowa, with the
featured engine plaque.

In all, there were 16 uprights (three with mags), several stove
legs, both ? HP and 1 HP models, 20-82’s, three Maytag racers,
one fruit jar engine, 92’s/w battery chargers, one McLean
cultivator tractor, two simmer pumps, two twin compressors, two
Zip-Zip mowers, one twin windcharger, a twin light plant, and the
usual assortment of 92’s and twins.

Among the many Maytag displays, dozens of other engines from
different manufacturers could be found. There were Internationals
of many models, John Deeres, a nicely restored 5 HP Stickney,
Cushmans, Fairbanks-Morse, New Ways, and McCormick-Deerings to name
a few.

It was a pleasure meeting all the new folks, and I hope everyone
enjoyed the show. Western Illinois Threshers, and I would like to
thank everyone who turned out for the 32nd annual show with all the
great displays. Our thirty-third annual show will be held August 4,
5, and 6, 2000, featuring International Harvester tractors and
engines. See you all there !

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