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Matt and Mitch Ketts set up to grind corn for interested spectators using a 22-36 McCormick-Deering tractor.

1713 E. Walnut Enid, Oklahoma 73701

The 9th annual show of Enid Antique Power was held October 3,
1992 at the Garfield County Fairgrounds, Enid, Oklahoma. The
weather was perfect and everyone who attended had an enjoyable day.
We had a record attendance this year.

 Jackie Bryan from Perryton, Texas, displaying a fine
restoration of a 1918 5 HP Hercules.  John Holden of
Blackwell, Oklahoma, on his half track, one of the many homemade
contrivances being seen at shows these days.

The assortment of antique equipment always includes more than
tractors and engines. The ‘Model T Club’ is a regular show
participant, and antique lawn mowers, rotor-tillers and Cushman
Scooters are showing up. One of our group, E. J. Gosnell, has one
of the best displays of hand tools in the area.

Jackie Bryan from Perryton, Texas, came the farthest for the one
day event. Also attending was Gerald Rose from North of Garber,
Oklahoma. Gerald is a real antique engine enthusiast who knows what
it takes to get these old engines going. John Coughlan of
Kingfisher, Oklahoma, has a big collection of pedal tractors, most
of them John Deere. John is also involved with pedal tractor pulls
for children. When John gets set up for his pedal tractor pulls he
attracts quite a crowd. A first time exhibitor this year was Ralph
Frederick of Drummond, Oklahoma. He had just recently bought a
homemade Rumely and got it running during the show.

Thirty pounds of pinto beans and cornbread, kept warm at the
grounds, were served during the noon hour for all participants in
the show. There were a number of cooks that got together to put on
the feed and a good job was done. After dinner, a meeting was
called, during which a drawing was held with several prizes given

The King of Old Iron Award for 1992 was given to a well
deserving Frank Teske of Carrier, Oklahoma. Frank’s wife,
Esther, and some of the family were in attendance for the award
ceremony. Frank is a fine man and a well known figure among the old
iron people with his blue Ford van and his corn grinder. From March
to October, through Oklahoma and Kansas, Frank is apt to be seen
setting up his two stroke engine and corn grinder demonstrating how
it works and is sure to give the children a sample of the corn they
put through the grinder themselves. Frank enjoys going to the shows
in the two state area during the summer months a dedicated soul, I
guess you might say.

This ended the 1992 Enid Antique Power Show. Our show is held
the first Saturday of October every year. In 1993 we will try
getting the local Cushman Motor Scooter Club to bring some scooters
to the show, and the cornbread and beans will be served to all

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