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1484 N-County Road 800 Hamilton, Illinois 62341 email:

Everyone was welcome to the 33rd annual Western Illinois
Threshers Bee, which was held August 4, 5, & 6th of 2000,
featuring International Harvester tractors, trucks, and gas
engines. Close to 500 tractors were present. Many could be seen
operating in the daily parades, tractor pulls, tractor games, and
many demonstrations.

In the car area the International Scout Connection from Ft.
Madison, Iowa (a national club and newsletter for International
Scout owners), displayed many very nice vintage Scout trucks, as
well as memorabilia. Many other vehicles from different auto
companies were also on hand.

Rob Coyle presenting Ted Stein of Ft. Madison, Iowa, with the
featured engine plaque. HisZ 1914 15HP Mogul engine #501 in the
background. This was the first engine of this size to come off the
assembly line.

The 2000 featured tractor1937 T20 Crawler owned by Lester
Harnetiaux of Hamilton, Illinois.

Down gas engine alley over 250 engines large and small could be
seen; many demonstrating their everyday chores from their days on
the farm, like pumping water, grinding corn, generating
electricity, and washing clothes. Unusual tools, scooters, and
vintage lawn tractors could also be seen.

Over all the pops and bangs of engines, the wail of air horns
from the Western Illinois Threshers Short Line Railroad could be
heard. Motor cars kept busy hauling hundreds of passengers around
the campground throughout the weekend. Many more inspectors and
section cars, and other railroad equipment and memorabilia were
displayed in and around the Bushnell Depot area.

Something for everyone could be found in the rows and rows of
flea market vendors and good food and plenty of bluegrass
entertainment greeted visitors in the village of Edge Wood.

If that wasn’t enough to keep visitors entertained, some of
the many daily demonstrations such as steam plowing, threshing, saw
mills, straw baling, rock crushing, and even pony power threshing,
did. After an afternoon parade one could relax with an evening
supper and live country music around the grandstand.

Our 34th annual show will be held August3,4, &. 5th 2001,
featuring Case tractors and cars, and Cushman gas engines. See ya
all there!

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