Barnrod Parade Debut, Mystery Engines, and Jiiggers

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by Barney Kedrowski

How to make a great day better

Stacy Lewis riding in the truck bed during the Barn Rod's first parade.

Share it with a friend! Stacy Lewis rides in the back of the Barn Rod in its first tractor parade at 2021 Badger Steam and Gas, Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Keep tinkering,
Barney Kedrowski, via email

Thanks for sharing, Barney. Friends certainly do make the gas engine hobby more enjoyable! I love the vintage typewriter; I’ve been known to tinker on one of those from time to time in my line of work. However, mine isn’t quite as heavy and loud!
— Editor

Barn discovery

I found this in a relative’s barn. I have tried researching it and found nothing. It was made in Gasport, New York. It looks like a Lauson engine. The model number for the duster is RMPD170. Does anyone have any information on it?

Bill Doolittle, via email

Readers, if you can help out with details on this mysterious barn find, it would be appreciated. Send information my way, and I’ll share it. Good luck, Bill!
— Editor

Elgin half-a-horse info

This is an Elgin half-a-horse. We are looking for any information on this gas engine. Does anyone happen to know any of the following details?

  •    How old is it?
  •    Why they were made and what they were used for?
  •    Are people interested in these kinds of gas engines?
  •    How much are they worth?
  •    If anyone has one, where did they get it and how is it used?
  •    Are there manuals or parts information available?
  •    Is anyone interested in purchasing it?

Marissa, via email

Shoot me an email with anything you know, and I’ll forward the information along to Marissa. Thanks for writing and sharing the photos!
— Editor

What exactly is a jigger?

Your article about the 1893 jigger gives no explanation as to what this machine is. I would greatly appreciate a brief explanation. I tried the internet and all the information discussed is about alcoholic drinks.

Bob Krupka, via email

picture of a homemade jigger jigger." />

Good question, Bob! I had to do a little digging on this one, as my frame of reference was also from bartending! A jigger describes a home-built vehicle created using any frame with axles and powered by a gas engine. They were often utilized around the farm for odd jobs, tasks you would now do with a modern ATV.
— Editor

Cushman truckster reply

In reply to Flywheel Forum 56/2/5 (GEM February/March 2021 issue), Aaron Hochstetler was seeking transmission parts for a 1979 Cushman Truckster. Try the Cushman Club of America for information, they have a website. There should also be a number of other websites related to Cushman scooters and trucksters. Search for those too. Most interest is for the 2-wheel scooters but, quite a few people have trucksters. Someone will have a parts machine, or an old dealer may have some stock parts.

Craig Fiedler, Minnesota

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