Celebrating Coolspring

By Staff

I don’t think anyone would question the importance of the Coolspring Power Museum. I describe it to my friends as the mecca of antique gas engines: A place many travel to from far off places to celebrate their love of internal combustion engines. More than 250 engines fill 20 buildings in beautiful rural Pennsylvania. It’s a sight to behold, and many collectors make the journey each year. And those who have never been almost always include it on their list of places they hope to see at some point.

For almost 30 years, Coolspring has housed one of the world’s finest collections of historically significant internal combustion engines. It’s even been designated a Mechanical Engineering Heritage Collection by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. So, like I said, there’s no questioning the importance of Coolspring.

We at Gas Engine Magazine try to celebrate Coolspring as often as we can. Each issue we give you a run-down of one of the engines at Coolspring (we look at the 1902 20 HP Klein Model 3 and its National Transit pump this month). And our book Coolspring: Discovering America’s Finest Antique Engine Museum takes readers through 11 of the buildings, giving detailed pictures and information about 40 of our favorite engines in the museum.

The book is great for people who can’t make the trip to Coolspring, or for people who have made the trip and just want to remember all of the marvelous engines housed there, or even those at the museum who desire a bit more information.

We’re excited to announce a new way to see Coolspring with the Coolspring Museum DVD. A great companion to the book, in addition to being able to stand-alone, the DVD takes you inside the museum. You’ll see the 40 engines featured in the book running, as well as hearing the inside scoop from Coolspring insiders Paul Harvey, Preston Foster, Clark Colby, Mike Murphy and Wayne Grenning.

We’re proud and thankful for everything the Coolspring Power Museum does and want to share it with the world. Check out the Gas Engine Magazine store to order the book, DVD or both. Whether you’ve been to the museum or not, we have a feeling you’ll enjoy everything Coolspring has to offer.

Beth Beavers
Associate Editor

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