C.H. Wendels’s Literature Archive

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By Gas Engine Magazine staff

Preview auction results from C.H. Wendels’s literature and photo archives covering antique farm equipment and engines.

old photo
Lot No. 57 Wisconsin engine factory photograph. 13 bids; winning bid $93.50

Gas Engine Magazine has been following the consolidation of C.H. Wendel’s amazing collection, following his passing in 2019. The gas engine community lost a highly influential man who served as a gateway to the history behind the hobby. He will forever be missed.

This rare collection of vintage gas engine and tractor literature and photographs will keep you mesmerized for hours. The following contain a small preview. Each lot offers a rare glimpse into the past, together creating a virtual treasure trove of history that you don’t want to miss. Take some time to explore and enjoy, I sure did! — Editor

Lot No. 4067

This Rumely 6 factory photograph book includes pictures in the field, individual components and more. The 19 photos are mounted on cloth.

28 bids; winning bid $836

Lot No. 4208


More than 20 various Hart Parr photocopies used for C.H. Wendel’s books. Most are 8-by-10 inches.

32 bids; winning bid $396

Lot No. 6


A Paschall & Co. brochure titled Petro-Haul the One-Man Tractor.

22 bids; winning bid $396

Lot No. 4187


A collection of Allis-Chalmers factory photograph reprints.

6 bids; winning bid $110

Lot No. 4086

stock certificate

A Chicago Rock Island stock certificate.

10 bids; winning bid $27.50

Lot No. 4010

old photo

A 1906 engine cabinet photo.

18 bids; winning bid $132

Lot No. 4066


An Avery factory photograph collection focused on the threshing machines. This collection of more than 15 images includes some literature copies.

4 bids; winning bid $110

Lot No. 4069

A collection of Alamo two-cylinder engine factory photographs.

6 bids; winning bid $27.50

Lot No. 1183

A Witte Engine Works foldout displaying all-purpose engines complete with order blank and price list.

5 bids; winning bid $22

Lot No. 70

A 456-page, hardback International Farm Operating Equipment catalog No. 23.

19 bids; winning bid $165

Lot No. 4050

A collection of rare factory photographs.

11 bids; winning bid $71.50

Lot No. 4082

stock certificate

A Massey Ferguson limited stock certificate.

8 bids; winning bid $22

Lot No. 916

A Schmidt Bros. Engine Works poster showing both the hopper-cooled and air-cooled engines.

44 bids winning bid $330

Online bidding closed December 29, 2020

For more on upcoming or completed auctions, visit Aumann Vintage Power.

Published on Mar 8, 2021

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