Type ‘R’ Royal Oil Engines

By Staff
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Type 'R' Royal Oil Engine on, Sub-base. Electric Start

All Type ‘R’ Royal Engines are throttling governed oil
burners and hopper cooled. The above illustration represents our 8
to 18 H.P. sizes mounted on sub-base. This style of mounting is
frequently required where conditions will not permit the building
of a permanent foundation, or where the foundation is already down,
as concrete floors, etc.

Owing to the compact construction of these hopper-cooled
engines, they are well adapted to installation where the matter of
floor space must be considered. No allowance need be made for
additional cooling tanks, pipes, etc., as the hopper is of liberal
capacity and affords, under all ordinary conditions, an ample
volume of cooling water.

Royal Type ‘R’ Engines you will find embody all the
latest achievements of high class engine construction. Only the
best materials are used throughout, and the workmanship is not to
be excelled.

The substantial, uniform and pleasing design of the above engine
speaks for all the different sizes of this type. They combine well
and furnish ideal power for ice machines, flour mills, cotton gins,
electric generators and dynamos, as well as elevators, grinders,
shellers, etc. Simple to understand and operate, steady running as
a steam engine, long lived and economical, running on kerosene,
distillate and solar oil; or on any of the lighter fuels–gasoline,
etc. when desirable.

Engines in above sizes are regularly furnished on heavy wood skids
or for mounting on concrete foundation, as desired; with heavy
galvanized iron fuel tank, fuel pipe and connections, and fuel pump
(when engine is to be installed on foundation); plain pulley; our
Unit Electric Igniter and Starter, and all necessary accessories to
make the engine complete in every way for service.

Engines in above sizes can be furnished mounted on our substantial
team trucks, or on heavy iron sub-base; with special size plain
pulley, or any size friction clutch pulley specified in our
schedule of sizes on page 28 when wanted. Such equipment being at
reasonable additional cost, excepting sub-base, and special size
plain pulley when in place of standard plain pulley.

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