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An Oliver 88, owned by the Spark brothers of New Zealand, it serial #B136701, made in 1956.
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Neville Thompson's model 525 Samson Sieve-Grip is serial #3056 and was bought in 1919
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Fred Brown's model 18-32 Case, serial #61043 (1924-25). In the background is an Allis Chalmers crawler model
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Fred Brown also owns this Massey Pacemaker which carries serial #108270.
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A McCormick W-6 owned by the Geraldine Vintage Car & Machinery Museum in New Zealand; Hanrahan is the taller man in the background.

Americans can see many familiar names of manufacturers (and some
not so familiar) when they look at tractors and stationary gas
engines in New Zealand. This page shows some of the engines owned
by New Zealand collectors. We appreciate the cooperation of Michael
J. Hanrahan, editor of ‘Vintage Farming’ magazine of New
Zealand, who obtained identification; some of these are GEM photos
taken in 1984..

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