The Harold Hartman Collection

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Box 143 Strawberry Point, Iowa 52076.

I know of no one as devoted to his tractor collection as my 73
year old father, Harold Hartman, R. R., Strawberry Point, Iowa. He
is a WWII veteran, still an active farmer, and a retired rock
quarry owner of 44 years.

Dad started his collection decades ago, focusing on giving his
grandchildren and himself a hobby to last for many years. After
raising five daughters, he especially enjoys his grandson’s
interest in the tractors.

Very seldom is there a show, parade or tractor pull in northeast
Iowa that doesn’t include one or all of Dad’s tractors.
Strawberry Days, Dyersville parade, Dundee Days, Aurora 4th of July
Celebration, and the Dubuque County Fair are a few 1992

The highlight of our year takes place in September, at the
Plowman Barn Antique Show, on a farm south of Guttenberg, Iowa.
It’s a three day show with threshing, rock crushing, log
splitting, soap making, cedar shingling, a blacksmith at work, etc.
Some of the finest tractors are on display. Dad’s tractors
participate in the displays, tractor pull, slow tractor race, crank
start contest, wagon backing contest, and barrel pushing race (an
event which I entered last year).

At this time the Harold Hartman tractor collection includes 19
tractors16 collector and three still used for field work. These are
two Olivers and one Massey Harris all made in the 1960s. His first
and most sentimental antique tractor is a 1935 WC Allis Chalmers
which my grandfather, A. H. Hartman, purchased new. Other antiques
include a 1937 C Case with a hand brake and clutch, 1937 B John
Deere, 1939 RC Allis Chalmers, 1941 WC Allis Chalmers, 1941
Farmall, 1942 SC Case, 1947 C Allis Chalmers, 1947 2N Ford
(Mom’s favorite), 1947 VAC Case (This is the only tractor I
have a picture of my camera-shy dad on), 1949 FC Farmall, 1953
Massey Harris (pictured), 1954 WD Allis Chalmers, 1955 Ford

Last, but not least, are my two favorites, a pair of WD 45 Allis
Chalmers diesels. The one pictured is a 1955 purchased many years
ago. It’s a sentimental tractor also because his deceased
son-in-law was the first to pull it in a tractor pull over 15 years
ago. The other diesel is a 1956 purchased and restored last year.
The plow will be restored this year. Who do you know who has two
Allis WD diesels that have been restored and actually run? I’ve
heard it’s quite an accomplishment!

Dad also has a small engine in the collection for which he and
his grandson, Randy, put together a portable water pump. It’s
usually pulled behind one of the tractors in parades.

If you were to visit the farm, you’d find Dad watching
tractor video tapes, reading tractor books or magazines, or just
tinkering with the collection. He belongs to the Hawkeye Vintage
Farm Machinery Association, Northeast Iowa Antique Association, and
last year’s newly formed Allis Connection, for which he won an
‘Allis-Chalmers Presents Loretta Lynn’album for naming the

Our family is both very proud and fortunate to have a father and
mother who provide us with a hobby the whole family can enjoy.

Thanks, Mom, for putting up with us, your cooking and organizing
are priceless! Thanks, Dad, for giving us so much to enjoy in life
and for keeping this family close! We love you both!

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