Norsk Motorhistorisk Museum

By Staff
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Lindstad vestre N-2310 Stange Norway/Norge

I’ve been in this business for 15 years. Together with my
brother, Dag Baekkedal, I have collected more than 100 tractors and
50 stationary engines. During the years we have restored some of
them. In cooperation with a friend, Knut Bakke, we established
‘Norsk Motorhistorisk Museum’ as a foundation in 1990.
During the last three summers we have run it with regular opening
hours every day. This summer we had about 2,000 visitors.

We have 60 tractors in the exhibition. Among the oldest is John
Lauson 1917,  Electric Wheel 1917, Fordson 1918, Moline 1919
and Cletrac 1920. We have American tractors from all the way up to
1954, German tractors from the Thirties, Forties and Fifties, plus
Swedish, Danish, English, French and Polish tractors from the
Forties and Fifties. We also have a Marshall Britannia portable
steam engine from 1903.

The John Lauson tractor from 1917 is partially restored, but we
lack detailed information on the appearance of the ‘cabin.’
This was made from wood, so everything was gone when we found it.
To give an idea, I have enclosed a copy from Charles Wendel’s
Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors. If anyone has one like
this, we would be very glad to have some pictures and measures.

Those who plan to come to Norway during their holiday are
welcome to visit our museum. If you contact me beforehand, I can
give you information on other museums and collections.

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