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1922 Hart Parr pulling a five foot stripper.
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1938 P model Lanz Bulldog, made in Germany, owned by B. McCarten of Albury, New South Wales, Australia.

P.O. Box 17, The Entrance New South Wales, Australia 2261.

I thoroughly enjoy your magazine since I have been a wheat
farmer for thirty years, and an earth mover, and I have had
experience with a lot of the tractors and stationary engines shown
in your magazine.

There are a lot of old American tractors lying around farms,
plus headers (or combines as you call them), plus stationary
engines which our people now are starting to realize have value and
are restoring them. 

I am restoring two Lanz Bulldogs, an AR 1947 John Deere, and a
series 2 Field Marshall diesel.

I have included a photo of a 1938 P model Lanz Bulldog which
belongs to a good friend of mine. He has restored this tractor to
mint condition, and enters it in the tractor pulls where it has
been beaten only once. That was by a WD-40 International which has
had the pump opened up; I believe it now develops 100 HP.

In my 30 years as a wheat farmer, I have owned a WD-40
International, W-30 International, three Lanz Bulldogs, three Field
Marshalls, Case 500, G Model Twin City, two 686 Internationals and
a Super 70 Chamber-Ian.

The owner of the Bulldog (at left) is Barry McCarten of Albury,
New South Wales, Australia. Barry is a tanker driver, and any spare
time he has is spent working on the old Bulldog, plus another one
he is restoring.

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