My Special Tractors

By Staff
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Harry Lee with his pair of early Regular Farmalls, restored through 1987-1989.
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My ACR WF-NT Regular Farmall, an assembled-combination-reproduction of earlier models, restored 1989-1990.

Box 119, Elnora, Indiana 47529

Here you see two of my special tractors. They are very rare. As far as I know, McCormick-Deering or International never built an NW Regular (narrow rear axle, wide front). This is my version of what I thought it would or could have looked like if they had built one in the early years. This is the only one of this kind that I know of, and I assembled it myself. Now, the other tricycle type is very rare also. I can only account for four of the 1924 models and one experimental, a 1923. I do have information on this 1924 model that I could furnish, but not for the ACR (meaning assembled, combination reproduction)-my version. It is really a nice show piece. These enclosed pictures were all taken at Gary Hudgen’s farm in Troy, Texas. I took the tractors to the Texas Early Day Tractor and Engine Show in Temple, Texas this past October, a 950 mile trip. I stayed a week with Gary Hudgen and visited with two of his friends, Buster Lawler and Frank Pitts. I really enjoyed my stay with all of them and sure enjoyed their show. My trip was successful, no trouble, and took the two tractors behind my 1986 ?-ton pickup with a goose neck trailer.

Now I am quite an IHC collector. I had 35 tractors at our local show here at Elnora, Indiana, last September (the White River Valley Antique Show). Come September, if all goes well, I should have about 40 tractors, plus approximately 200 scale models entered in the 1991 show-I hope!

I turned 70 years old in June and my showing is probably at its peak. It’s lots of work but I do enjoy it. My ability to do these things has let up quite a bit. Health permitting, I am now on a very rare project that I will quit this hobby with, but I’m hoping to have it ready for next season’s shows.

I have gone to several shows with different tractors in the past. For example, a Semi LD to Walcott, Iowa a few years ago to the National Antique Pull. Also took a Semi LD to Norwich, Canada, about 12 years ago. Sure met a lot of fine people and it has sure been enjoyable.

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