My Family of Tractors

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9565 Highway 63 Emmett, Kansas 66422-9704

For some time I’ve been wanting to end a picture of the four
tractors that I’ve built.

My family of tractors started when I built the red one-lunger
tractor (at far right in the picture below) in 1985, and the 6-12
Maytag tractor (second from right) in 1986. These two tractors have
been featured in GEM before, and many people have seen them at
shows. We think we would like to sell those two as we are getting
too many toys.

The green tractor (second from left), which I built in 1996, has
a 6 HP Faibanks-Morse engine as its power source. The 6 HP
Fairbanks-Morse engine uses oil. The transmission is out of a 35
Massey-Harris self-propelled combine; and, without a doubt, that is
the best little transmission made for building these toys. It has a
self-contained clutch, three speeds forward and reverse,
differential and a brake.

I put a two-seater wood seat with cushioning on it, and then
added two implement seats on the back of the regular seat for
passengers. These implement seats are fixed with springs so as not
to be too rough to ride. We also use it to haul Maytag motors and
other items back to camp.

The Fairbanks-Morse 6 HP tractor pulled a sled at Fort Scott,
Kansas, clear across the arena in the 13 to 20 HP class at their
tractor pull in an exhibition pull. We were the only ones to pull
it clear out the end of the pull area.

In the spring of 1997, I used a small garden tractor rear-end
that I bought at Waukee, Iowa. I belted up two 92 Maytag motors to
the rear-end. It has a 3-speed transmission and a 2-speed axle, and
will travel about six miles per hour in high gear. The framework
was of 1 x 3 tubing and a lawn mower front axle. I fashioned a seat
out of wood and padded it so it would be more comfort -able. I put
some guards over the belt pulleys. Two tall exhaust pipes were put
on and really sound good. This latest creation is shown above, and
at left below.

I also built an aluminum can crusher powered with a 92 Maytag
motor. It will crush aluminum cans whole or bent up. It will also
crush small rocks.

We are going to have an increase in our family in the spring.
That’s an increase down at the shop not at the house another
tractor. It will be built similar to the green Fairbanks-Morse
tractor, but will have a 3 HP M International motor on it. We will
also use a Massey-Harris transmission for it. The rearend will be a
car rear housing stubbed in like we did on the green tractor and
the red tractor.

If someone is interested in the red one lunger tractor or the
6-12 Maytag tractor, write, or call me at 785-535-2610. We’ve
got too many toys and some need to go as we are running out of

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