Mid Michigan Old Gas Tractor Association Show

By Staff
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Mid-'20s Toro tractor purchased by Bill Koski at Marhanka's auction, driven by Al Shuster.
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Mike Holder's 30-50 Oil Pull ready for the show.
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Fuzz Koski and kids on 1928 Model 25-50 Baker with Wisconsin engine. Baker will be . among the featured tractors at our upcoming 1993 show.

3249 S-M52, Owosso, Michigan 48867.

The best of everything was to be had at the 18th annual Mid
Michigan Old Gas Tractor Association Show in rural Oakley,
Michigan, August 21-23, 1992.

It was the first show in 18 years not dampened by rain. This was
also the first show to have doubled exhibitors, campers, flea
markets and spectators.

Featured this year were all tractors and equipment starting with
an ‘A’ according to the American Encyclopedia of

A 30 HP A very undermount was a new feature of the show this
year. It is owned by Ed Hurd of Byron, Michigan. Mike Holder’s
30-50 Advance Rumely Oil Pull could be seen on the Baker fan and
threshing throughout the weekend. Another Oil Pull, a 20-35
belonging to Mike and Penny Koski of Elsie, Michigan, could be seen
in action. There were many B. F. Avery tractors and equipment also
shown, over 700 tractors in all.

This year we are featuring all tractors and equipment starting
with a B. In 1993 we will have the largest collection of Baker gas
tractors in the U.S. on display. For information on displaying your
Baker steam or gas tractor or thresher, call me at (517)

An addition to the show in 1992 was Frank Hansen’s three
wheel drive John Deere tractor. It was a great pleasure to have
Frank and his tractor at our show. Frank gladly answered all the
questions asked over the three days.

The club’s sawmill was run by Lon Meyers and Henry Durum and
other club members, as were the planer, edger, and shingle

The tractor pull goes on all three days and is a crowd pleaser.
There was a dog show on Friday, and a petting zoo put on by the 4-H
Club, as well as blacksmithing in the big barn, a bingo tent, and
arts and crafts for the ladies.

There was food and more food on the showgroundspancakes and
sausage from 7:00-11:00 a.m., and real ‘thresherman’ and
‘sawyers’ dinners served all day by Fran Doty and her crew.
Some of the best home cooking you’ll get out in the middle of
nowhere. The club also puts on the Sunday chicken bar-b-q, so you
can eat and watch tractor pulls in the pavilion.

The 1895 Bates Corliss engine was running all three days in the
Bev Meyers Memorial Hardwood Steam Barn.

The club raffled off a Farmall ‘A’ last year, and it was
a big success. This year we are raffling off a restored 1949 Allis
Chalmers ‘B.’ Tickets are $1.00.

It’s hard to believe the show is going on its 19th year in
1993. Every year it gets bigger and better; there is one thing for
sure, the people in the tractor clubs are some of the best people
in the country. Our club started with seven families and now has
nearly 200 and growing. These are some of the hardest working and
airing members of any club.

We own our 40 acre showgrounds on the corner of Brennen and
Ferden Roads, in Brady Township, Oakley, Michigan, with 20 acres of

Some people complain we are out of the way, but most agree
it’s a perfect setting for a tractor show. No one complains
about the smoke, the whistles, or steel wheels on tractors that a
lot of clubs on rented grounds have a problem with. We can do
pretty much as we want, to a point.

It you are looking for a show to go to that is small enough to
treat you like family and big enough to put on a good show, come on
out to the country! We welcome you!

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