Memories Turn Into Models

By Staff
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I was reading the April 1996 GEM, Reflections. I enjoyed the
part where you stated more people are collecting farm

For the past fifteen years I have been building scale-models of
tractors and implements. My dad had a Rumely 1929 combine and I
didn’t want to lose the memories I had of helping with the
harvest; that is how I got started on this hobby! I spent three
winters on this combine project, which came to about 800 hours to
build. The tractor in front of it is a 1929 Cletrac model #30. It
is 1/5 scale.

The photo of the John Deere combine is one like my uncle owned;
it is also 1/5 scale. One mistake I made on
it is the reel. Some of the older farmers sure let me know it! The
reel is made for a sixteen to twenty foot, whereas the combine I
made was a twelve to fourteen foot.

The IHC one-way is one we also had on the farm. It is one of the
first ones that they manufactured. It was a five foot. It was later
cut down to a three and a half foot, when my dad pulled it with a
10-20 McCormick-Deering.

The John Deere ridge buster, or cornsled, was one my grandfather
sold to my dad. It was hardly ever used. I made a model one winter,
as I needed something new to show at the state fair.

The tractors I have built are: a D John Deere 29, GP John Deere
and a Waterloo Boy. We take these to gas and steam shows and to the
state fair. I have been to our state fair for the past ten

The project I am working on now is a 29, 10-20
McCormick-Deering. I’m trying to keep all of my tractors below
the 1930s date.

If anyone has any questions about these models, feel free to
write, as I will try to answer them.

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