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Daniel H. Steinhoff

Presented is a graphic or thumb nail ‘History at a
Glance’ sketch of Caterpillar Tractor Company and the first of
a series. The purpose is to show background makeup of today’s
large tractor manufacturers using concise facts and applicable
dates on the organization chart frame. It is easy to read, easy to
follow and may be read in a forward or reverse order.

The Caterpillar Company has checked the facts and authorized
printing for use by old engine clubs, nonprofit organizations and
hobby magazines and I will forward a free copy to anyone who sends
me an SASE. In preparation are similar ‘History at a
Glance’ sketches that will show the background makeup of
today’s remaining tractor manufacturers through the acquisition
of the older engine and tractor companies.

(We thank The Caterpillar Tractor Company for permission to use
this material and to Daniel H. Steinhoff, New Ashford,
Massachusetts 01237 for sending us this data – Anna Mae.)

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