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#15, 2nd St. S.E., Cut Bank, MT 59427 1919 Rumley 16-30 Model H,
S.N. 4430

1919 Rumley 16_30 Model H,S,N.4430

This tractor belonged to a rancher by the name of Mike Jarni.
His place was about 18 miles west of Dupuyer, Montana right close
to the Rocky Mountains and for two years I tried to buy this old
tractor every time I saw him. He’d say, ‘One of these days
I’m going to start her up and drive her right into town.’
Well, when I finally bought it and hauled it to the shop, I sure
got a surprise. Even though the engine would still turn, it was a
wreck. One of the wrist pin set screws had come loose and got down
between the #2 rod and the bottom of the crank case resulting in a
bent rod and a hole the size of a Softball in the crank case and I
found the rest of the tractor in about the same shape. After about
300 hours spare time work I have a nice tractor. It won me a blue
ribbon at our Lewis and Clark parade in 1983 and 3rd prize this
year. I took it to the Montana State Tractor Pull at Ft.Benton,
Montana, Labor Day weekend and made a full 300 ft. pull on the sled
that they use for the super mini Modifieds and they have 500 and
600 horse engines! The sad part of the story is that Mike
didn’t live to see it restored, but his neighbors who have seen
it find it hard to believe it’s the same tractor.

1935 W.D. 40 S.N. 547, 3 Speed

This tractor was given to me by Tom and Marty Nielson of Cut
Bank, Mt. They farmed their dad’s farm about 45 miles northwest
of town. It was bought new right here by Ferguson and Weiss and it
broke up most of the band they now farm. Tom and Marty’s dad
bought the farm and machinery from Ferguson and Weiss many years
ago. The two boys grew up on this tractor. It has plowed so much
wheat stubble there are notches worn in the bottom of the front
axle. I have the original steel wheels that came on this tractor
but I don’t have a picture of it on steel. The wheels in the
picture are off a 1938 W.K. 40. I put them on to run in the 1984
Lewis and Clark parade. Oh yes, I almost forgo tit won 1st

I also took this tractor to the Montana State Tractor Pull at
Ft. Benton Montana and it did real well. I pulled the big sled a
full pull of 300 feet. I sure did enjoy that.

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