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Riding the Wave

In my very first column in Gas Engine Magazine, back in the April/May 2012 issue, I expressed my feelings of awe toward the welcoming spirit of the antique gas engine community. The members are always willing to take the time to explain processes, share information and give helpful advice. I ...

Never Too Far Gone

In the June/JulyGas Engine Magazine you published photos of this engine as I got it (below). The original parts are hard to find, so I put it together with some homemade parts to get it running. It jumps around a lot as I don't have a governor on it yet.’I did take it to the Coolspring summer ...

Where to Start on 2 HP Jaeger?

I just bought a 2 HP Jaeger. I'm not getting any fire to the plug. What do I need to start looking at first? Can it be as minor as setting the points? Please forward this question to anyone willing to give me good advice and coaching. It has the WICO system.Ronnie Spivey, Rocky Mount, North ...

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