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Know the colors of a Kelly?

I recently purchased a Kelly horse-drawn plow. It is No. 1 Georgia stock. I’d like to know the color of the metal parts. Can anyone help me? Pat and Nancy Tohill, via e-mail at pntohill@earthlink.net.

Looking for assist on Milburn wagon

I have a Milburn wagon and a scoop board; I can’t make out the letters on the board. It could also be made by Studebaker, as the two were in cahoots at one time. Can anyone help? Marvin Young, 166 TR 2650, Lakeville, OH 44638

Need tips on restoring CO-OP manure spreader

I have a manure spreader that I bought new in 1951 from CO-OP. The spreader is in very good condition with the original wood floor. It has a small amount of original paint that is about the color of Norm Fisher’s 1951 E-3 tractor. I am trying to find the color code and logo that belong to ...

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