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A Job Well Done

Here are pictures of my John Deere E 1-1/2 HP engine. I paid $50 for the basket case. I took the pictures Sept. 28, 2014, at the Old Timers Reunion in Xenia, Ohio.I had to find the muffler, magneto, gas tank, many gaskets, igniter, gas line and square nuts. I found much help restoring the ...

Not So Dirty Deere

I see you had my dirt engine in your October/November 2014 issue. I want to thank you for putting it in Gas Engine Magazine. I thought you might like to see what it looks like three months later.I found it in my corn field after planting corn over it. We had to bulldoze a fence row out so we ...

Junkyard Find

After sitting in an Iowa junkyard for 30 years and braving life under water each time the river flooded, this 1914 1-3/4 HP Chore Boy was rescued by Michael Standley. He has no intention of painting it. Well done Michael!

The Unexpected

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my short experience with engines it’s that things seldom go as planned. Whether you’re restoring an engine or just fixing it when it breaks, you’ve probably learned to expect the unexpected. To the true enthusiast, this does nothing but add to the ...

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