Running your gas engines slow

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| October/November 2004

  • Blow Smoke

  • Blow Smoke

Why do most people here talk about slow-running engines? If it's slow running, then it can't be belted to anything, can it? When I get my engine to run, I think I'm going to let it run at its rated speed so I can belt it up to a pump. I don't see the point of having a tool made so it can't work as it was intended. Anyone care to explain why slow running is good? - Mac Leod

- Running them slow is a challenge, and all that action happens in s-l-o-w motion! - Joe

- A belted engine has to run at the required rpms. If not, it's great to see and to hear all the movements in slow motion. - John

- It takes an engine in good condition and someone who really knows what's going on to make an engine run slow. I see a lot of engines at shows running at rated speed, but they're not belted up to anything and it really doesn't look that great. But an engine at rated speed doing the work it was meant to do is something else.

- Most people don't bring belted equipment to run, so they like to run their engines slow. It really is an art to get an engine to run really slow. - Lonnie

If it's not belted to anything, I'll run the engine slow because everything sounds neat. A lot of people think it died, and just before it stops it hits and kind of makes them jump. Not only that, it's not as loud and you can have more engines running at once, and still be able to talk to people instead of talking at the top of your lungs.


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