2020 Virtual Gas Engine Show

Reader Contribution by Staff
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Coolspring Power Museum

A collection of videos by Coolspring Power Museum exhibitors unable to attend the June 2020 show with an introduction by Dr. Harvey. A few engines included in the video are listed below.

  • 2 horsepower Domestic engine
  • Deutz Gasmotoren-Fabrik with self-contained cooling system under engine and non-running water pump.
  • Jacobson 2-1/2 horsepower 1909 #2192
  • 1947 Kohler Light Plant auto start and stop 4 horsepower
  • Fairbanks Morse standard 22 horsepower
  • Roberstonville 6 horsepower
  • Woolery Stationary 15 horsepower with dual carb and a brass belt-drive governor.
  • Airblast Diesel 12 horsepower M. A. N.
  • 6 horsepower master plant
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