Who Made This Marine Engine?

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I would appreciate any suggestions readers may have about the possible manufacturer of this 2-cylinder, 2-cycle marine engine that I have loosely reassembled for purposes of identification. Family recollection has it that it was used to power a commuter launch in the early decades of the last century in one of the Kawartha Lakes to the north of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Thus, the date of manufacture could be any time from the late years of the 19th century to, say, the 1920s. Some years ago I rescued it from the bottom of the lake, where it was used as a boat mooring long after the original launch had been decommissioned.

The engine contained no maker’s plate or other identifying features. There was no evidence of original paint if, indeed, it had any – the assertive “Caterpillar” yellow is my doing. Almost everything else you see in the photos, except the piping and the timer, is original.

It may be that I need look no further than Peterborough for the manufacturer, since recent research shows that as of 1910 there were foundries and machine shops in this small town that either produced or carried a line of gas engines. Unfortunately, there were no photos in the ads that I have found to date.

Eric Jackson

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