Help with Unidentified Air-Cooled Engine

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Unidentified air-cooled engine

Bore & stroke: 3-1/2in x 5in
Flywheels: 16in x 1-3/8in
Cooling: Six cooling fins on 1-inch centers, 1-inch deep
Ignition: Likely spark plug with battery and coil
Governing: Appears to be hit-and-miss, flywheel governor
Starting: Flip-out hand crank built into flywheel
Mounting: Cast base/legs designed for wood skids
Color: Believed to have been red, or close to that


Flywheel Forum has always been an interesting read for me. I recently acquired an engine from Eastern Washington that I have not been able to identify. I have sent photos around to most everyone I know and no luck. Not even a guess. So, I am asking for help from your very knowledgeable readers. No name, part numbers or serial numbers have been found on the engine. It’s missing the rocker arm, pushrod and the holdout mechanism, if it had one.

The piston and rings and connecting rod came out clean and serviceable, and the bore can be honed. The valves were rusted beyond salvage and drilled out. The babbitt bearings are in excellent condition and can be reused. I really want to get this engine running. Hopefully, a reader will know what this engine is and how it was put together. I’m including the engine’s known specifications. Thanks for any help.

David Wirth
Walla Walla, Washington
(509) 876-6478

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Published on Mar 13, 2019

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